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Divine Grace Retreats and Healing Center
was founded by Thea Ishwari Ivie to help spiritually uplift humankind. Her retreats include meditation, chanting Sanskrit mantras, Shaktipat, prayer, devotional singing and healing techniques.

Shaktipat is an ancient Sanskrit word that refers to the transmission of divine energy to activate the kundulini energy that lays dormant in all humans. The kundulini is located in the first chakra at the base of the spine (one of seven energy centers in the body). Shakti is the creative energy that animates all life, and pat means to descend. Shaktipat awakens an individual’s own inner divine energy and leads to spiritual awakening.

Thea Iswhari prays to the Divine Mother and Ascended Masters to bring in divine energy and becomes a vehicle for God’s grace. Thea Ishwari has taken the vows of Brahmachari and spends hours in meditation every day.

Thea has said, “I am nothing and nobody. I am spirit, not body. I am all being-ness.
I AM—that is it!

“Our path is to keep removing all the shields of limitation, hatred, envy, jealousy, disbelief, unworthiness and all separation from our being to become One Spirit, the All with no limitations. This is the path of letting go of what we are not and flowering into our full glory of God Self.”

Thea Ishwari is also a naturopath, minister and spiritual healer. Through her clairvoyance she is able to see the cause of a problem, whether it is from environmental stressors or unresolved past life issues, and releases the problem through prayer. Thea claims no doer-ship in the healing process, but only acts as a vehicle for God's divine grace, love and mercy.

Upcoming Programs:

October 16-18 - Sedona, AZ: Divine Grace Transmissions Healing Course, and Shaktipat and Meditation

Retreat Preregistration: $300
(3-day retreat)


Author of Transcending Illusion:
Theadora's Journey Through Time

Thea Ivie’s new book, Transcending Illusion: Theodora’s Journey Through Time, is a story of Thea’s path to enlightenment and the struggles and triumphs along the way.

Thea is extremely candid about her journey and outlines a path for all to follow. “One must want realization above all else,” she says, "and then the purification of karmas will be accomplished until one realizes their true state of Oneness, which is always there.”

$22.85 plus shipping

Transcending Illusion Book Cover
Cover of book illustrated by Sergei Iourov, an amazing
artist and visionary, and dear friend of Thea.
Testimonies on Thea's Book:

"Transcending Illusion is one of the most amazing books that I have ever received and read.  From the first day that I received it, I immediately could feel the energy radiating from it.  It was very empowering.  As I read the book, every page seemed like a meditation to me.   The results I felt had a very cleansing effect on my karmic blockages.  I felt my mind was much clearer and my energy was at a much higher state.  Thanks Thea for writing this wonderful book."
- In God's Love and Light, John

"I couldn't put the book down because I wanted to know what Thea was going to do next. I read it in the wee hours of the morning. The book was life changing and inspirational. The healing techniques in the book are extremely helpful to me. They really work!" - Maggie Malone

"This book is an insight to a spiritual journey taken by someone who earnestly pursues God realization.  That being said, anyone who desires this can relate to the trials that Thea has faced in this fascinating biography.  Thea not only is able to capture the essence of her spiritual journey,  she also offers  a practical guide of how she had been able to meet her challenges that anyone ( a child of the universe) can use.  I found great comfort, entertainment and peace when I read this book.  I also felt a rekindling of inner strength that I have been missing in these trying times.  Thank you Thea for writing this book.  I can see many thousands of people being liberated by awakening inner strength by reading what's in these pages." - L. McGill



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