Thea's Bio

In the early 1960’s Thea Ishwari Ivie traveled to India to be with realized souls because of a deep longing to know God. Thea has met, trained under, and served many great, realized masters including Swami Ramdas, Ananda Moyi Ma, Swami Muktananda, Dhyanyogi, Sri Karunamayi, and Swami Vishwananda.  

     She experienced a super-conscious state of being where she knew she was all spirit and not just the limited body, and realized without a doubt that this was the whole purpose of human life: to know our oneness with God and all life. 

     Since this initial experience, Thea has taken numerous trips to India to be in spiritual retreat with these and other enlightened masters, and received the silent teachings of the great Mahatmas. She also meditated in solitude for eight years in Sedona, Arizona. 

     Thea has conducted meditation retreats all over the country. Her guides, masters and angels work through her to bring in Shaktipat, divine energy, to promote a deep and enriching meditative experience. Thea Ishwari's path is God Realization through prayer, breath, and chanting the divine names of God. She is knowledgeable about Sanskrit mantras, including their meanings and uses to raise frequencies within and without the body. Thea co-directed The Clear Light Holistic Retreat Healing Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico and then moved to Maui, Hawaii to found and direct The Clear Light Retreat Center where she and her group led spiritual retreats for eight years.

     After many years of concentrated meditation, Thea noticed that powers from God, such as spontaneous spiritual healing, clairvoyance, and inner sight, started to surface; however, she had a glimpse of spiritual healing many years before.  It was during her first trip to India when she was bitten by a cobra and surely would have died had she not been accompanied by a highly realized being and healer. He went into samadhi, a high oneness state with God, and pulled out the venom through prayer. After this experience he predicted Thea would also become a great healer.

     Her first healing experience occurred shortly after in India at the age of 22 when she was applying her limited knowledge of reflexology on a man whose knee was injured. While she massaged his foot she prayed for his knee to be healed, and it was! This was only the beginning.

     Thea studied under many accomplished teachers to learn entity release, shamanism, jin shin jyutsu, kinesionics (muscle testing), and is a Doctor of Naturopathy, herbalist and Minister; however, the most powerful healing techniques were given to her through her guides, masters and angels, and from memories of past lives as a healer. She also found that if she attempted any “doer-ship” in the healing process, the angels would leave! So Thea learned to be a channel between heaven and earth – without ego or doer-ship – by anchoring in the energy from the higher realms so the “healing team” could do their work.

     Thea balances chakras and sees blockages and their cause, whether they are from this life or a past life. She works to release blockages from mind, body and spirit through deep faith and prayer to the individual’s own masters, guides and angels. The blockages are then lifted through divine grace.

     Thea has successfully worked with clients suffering from bi-polar disease, incest, alcoholism, cancer, AIDS, schizophrenia, relationship problems, and more, as well as with “walk-ins” to help them acclimate to this plane.

     She has cleared areas of negative entities and disincarnate beings, including souls who have died in wars or through trauma and have not yet crossed over. Thea is a co-creator with God and acts as a vessel for God’s grace. She offers individual sessions for those who are ready for quick growth.