Thea's Bio




“I experienced the gift of deep meditation through Shaktipat, and as result, my own meditation practice has deepened.”

Carolyn Silver, Santa Fe, NM

Thea has been an angel, a savior in my life. She gives me hope and has taught me so much. She is like the light at the end of the dark tunnel welcoming me with joy and an open heart and showing me what is beyond this play of illusion. I am immensely thankful that she has come into my life.”

Betsy Braun, Lodi, WI

“Thea consistently helps me get through stuck places within.  I feel that I am letting go of what I am not and becoming who I truly am."

Jeffrey Herbig, Clarkdale, AZ












Goddess Saraswati

(by Paul Heussenstamm - click picture to purchase print)



“It has been the love and generosity that pours forth from her enormous heart while she shares her vast wisdom, inner sight and invaluable tools with me that have changed my life.”

Annemarie Littlefield, Santa Fe, NM

“Thea Ivie's work and teachings have totally transformed my life.”

Cherie Skinner, Tome, NM


Thea is an angel sent to Earth. Her beautiful presence and mystical gifts profoundly helped me chart a course to greater joy, enlightenment and love.

Linda Milanizi, Santa Fe, NM